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Why Cooperatives?

And is it right for you?

When you move into a Village Cooperative, you will discover a wonderful mix of singles and couples. People who choose to live in cooperatives typically move here to share and participate in the great lifestyle and activities within the communities.

Members in a Village Cooperative enjoy an active lifestyle. Because our cooperatives are built with community in mind, most members spend as much time outside of their home as they do inside. Enjoy the cooperative as a working senior or as your retirement community. You will find retirement is not just television and card games, but time to share with family and new friends.

If you’re tired of—or becoming financially strapped by—the hassles of house maintenance, surprise repairs and expensive bills, you will appreciate the extra time and money you saved to enjoy the things you love. Many of our members tell us how pleasantly surprised they were by the wonderful social opportunities the cooperative lifestyle affords—a benefit of lasting value! Best of all, it’s your time and your choice, so you choose your own desired level of participation as our members respect one another’s privacy while supporting each other as a community of neighbors.

If you value a worry-free lifestyle and financial position, staying active and socializing with your peers, having a voice in your community, doing away with home maintenance along with unexpected repair bills, and living this special time of your life to the fullest in a beautiful and secure setting, then your decision to become a member in a Village Cooperative will be the right one. As with over 5,000 fellow Village Cooperative members we've served for over 20 years, your next move with us will be your best yet!