Senior Cooperative Living

Village Cooperative senior housing communities are designed for active seniors who want an entirely maintenance-free lifestyle with all the financial benefits of home ownership. In a Village Cooperative, you can enjoy a connection with your neighbors at one of our community activities or an afternoon with the grandchildren in your own home. Live here while you work or enjoy it as your retirement community – the hassle-free living lets you take the vacations you want without the worry of upkeep back home!

As a member of your senior cooperative, you will be able to sit back and enjoy life as you deserve. The lawn care, landscaping, snow removal, building upkeep, and more are all cared for. This gives you and your friends more time to enjoy each other and the time with family.

A community operated how you want it

As a senior cooperative, your personal input in the operation of your building is through an elected Board of Directors and member committees, which means your community will operate the way you and your neighbors want it to.

How it works

Each member owns a membership certificate (or share) in a not-for-profit Cooperative Corporation. The Cooperative Corporation holds title to the entire property including: dwelling units, land and common areas, and assumes the mortgage, tax, and other obligations necessary to finance and operate the facility. A Cooperative is operated on a Democratic basis. The governing body of the Cooperative is the Board of Directors. Each share gets one vote when electing the Board. The Board controls and directs the policies, expenditures, and operations of the Cooperative.

The cooperative difference

Probably the greatest difference between life in a Cooperative versus other senior housing options such as senior townhomes or senior apartments is the attitude of the members… Their attitudes reflect a sense of belonging, and the underlying awareness of pleasant and secure living, reminiscent of the neighborhood where they lived and raised their families.

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